The almost immediate response and signups to CHOA Club has been both a humbling and astonishing phenomenon. We're so glad you can all be a part of this gran rebirth of Charlotte's most beloved adventure group. 

We're still in launch phase, so that means there WILL BE BUGS! Please contact us either or one of the other various means. In fact, if you see one of us online, try sending through internal mail or chat, just to see how those features work out! 

The original incarnation of CHOA succeeded in great part because of the awesome members and the leaders who posted a variety of different and creative events. We'd like to continue that tradition and maintain the CHOA is a community driven Club. That means each of you is encouraged to take ownership towards the success of the club. We'll all grow and become the most awesome member driven club Charlotte has to offer. 

In closing, thank you so much for your enthusiasm in making this launch a huge success. We all look forward to seeing you at our events, as well as the events created by our most excellent leadership team. 


May 19 2017
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    A Community

    CHOA is community driven. You are CHOA.

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    CHOA Offers several levels of memberships. From the basic Free to more premium and tailored to your needs.

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    Because CHOA is community driven, our events run the spectrum from Wine Tastings, hiking, camping to formal black tie.

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    CHOA is run by a vetted leadership group who are experienced in organizing events. This assures a fun and safe time for everyone.