Hello everyone. As you know CHOA reboot just occurred a little over 3 weeks ago. Since then we have seen 220+ members join and received a slew of comments both good, constructive and bad about the website. 

The good news is, we hear you. We're completely dedicated to making this website as streamlined and userfriendly as possible.

The bad news? It's no easy task considering it's one guy maintaining the site for the moment. 

How can you help? Please be patient with the site and it's weird quirks. It's going to take time, oftentimes longer than you and I would want it to take. But the ultimate goal is to keep things simple. I personally hate a cluttered interface and I hope you do too. So if you see a page that doesn't make sense, or is cluttered or just not logical, please let us know. Send the link to the page and your suggestions. 

Without user feedback, the current focus is on the main page, account creation, profile pages and slowly we'll get to the meat, the core of CHOA: Events and Locations. 

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and my sincere thanks for your patience and assistance in improving the overall CHOA experience. 


Jun 04 2017
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    A Community

    CHOA is community driven. You are CHOA.

  • 02

    CHOA Offers several levels of memberships. From the basic Free to more premium and tailored to your needs.

  • 03

    Because CHOA is community driven, our events run the spectrum from Wine Tastings, hiking, camping to formal black tie.

  • 04

    CHOA is run by a vetted leadership group who are experienced in organizing events. This assures a fun and safe time for everyone.