About Us

About CHOA Club

CHOA Club (Charlotte Outdoor Adventures) is a community run outdoor activity and social club. Our focus is offering a wide variety of outdoor group adventures and team sports to the communities in the Charlotte metro area. While Charlotte may be our home base, our activities are far stretching across Western North Carolina. Our adventures frequently take us to such beautiful locales such as Boone, Pisgah National forest, Dupont Forest and many parts of the Green River and New River. After a long hike or other adventure, we’ll often make a dinner stop at some of these scenic cities: Hendersonville, Saluda, Cherryville and Wilmington/Triangle areas. Just because we’re based in Charlotte does not mean we don’t explore!

A Single Location to find Activities

CHOA has only one event calendar. Everything from hikes to dinner events is found in one easy location on our front page. This single stop location allows members to easily plan out their week, or even month! By focusing on simplicity, you spend less time wading through a multitude of different groups and group event calendars and more time Living Life!

CHOA Activities

Our activities include skiing/snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, caving, mountain biking, white water rafting, and kayaking. If you prefer team sports join us for volleyball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, basketball, and soccer. We offer both casual pickup games and organized leagues. Out of shape? No problem, you can join us on easy to moderate hikes and go your own pace.

CHOA Leadership

CHOA is a community run Club. Our leaders are a part of the community and run events that is their passion. This gives CHOA a unique edge when it comes to a variety of activities. Because we have carefully vetted our leadership, we have trust in their capabilities and give them the freedom to make awesome events. If you’re interested in becoming one of CHOA’s legendary leaders, let us know.

Price of membership

CHOA will always offer a free standard membership. This gives you access to our event calendar and basic features of the site. You will always have activities to choose from and be a part of this amazing community.

Premium memberships are also offered on a quarterly basis. This helps CHOA maintain the website, provide technical support, maintain Club equipment as well as give perks to leaders and members. Premium members will also enjoy discounted “paid events”, Premium Member only events and other perks not available to standard members.

Paid events: While CHOA prides itself on an amazing array of free events, from hiking to ghost tours, there are events that will have some form of cost associated to them. These include Wine Tastings, expeditions and use of Club equipment. We strive to keep prices as low as possible, quite often beating out the prices of other, more dedicated tour and guide groups. This is the power of the CHOA community and our membership numbers.

Our Mission

CHOA goal is simple: to make a community of people from all walks of life, that have similar interests to come together and interact. We understand everyone is different, but we can bring people together to build a strong community of adventure minded individuals. Single, married, committed or just wanting to make friends, all are welcome.

A Politics Free Zone

CHOA strictly prohibits political talks on the website and to a lesser degree at our events. This is because one of the great things about CHOA is the members come from all parts of the country and world around us. To foster a fun and safe and inclusive community we ask everyone respect the differences of the other members and strive to find common interests in which you can share adventures.

We strictly prohibit harassment, spam, soliciting and violent behaviors. We do understand some members will have unreconcilable differences and we have facilitated a means for members to block other members on the website. Though due to the in person nature of CHOA, please keep your distance from members you do not get along with and if you feel unsafe, consult a leader as quickly as possible. If members get a bad enough reputation through the website, they’ll eventually be banned for 5 days leading up to a permanent ban.


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    A Community

    CHOA is community driven. You are CHOA.

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    CHOA Offers several levels of memberships. From the basic Free to more premium and tailored to your needs.

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    Because CHOA is community driven, our events run the spectrum from Wine Tastings, hiking, camping to formal black tie.

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    CHOA is run by a vetted leadership group who are experienced in organizing events. This assures a fun and safe time for everyone.